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 Zarius the Fox =^-^= YES!

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Zarius the Fox

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PostSubject: Zarius the Fox =^-^= YES!   Thu Feb 11, 2010 11:15 pm

Welcome to my thread! I hope that you all think that I deserve this, so please, tell me whatcha think! Oh, I also have a YouTube account if you wanna check it out!:] My best animation so far is the Featured video on my Youtube channel, and it's WAYY too big a file to put on here so...check it out sometime, plz?
Newest Animations! --It's meh avatar...which isn't working... --Zarius's Battle Warrior Demo. --Part of a contest on YouTube. --ANOTHER (and smaller) part of a contest on YouTube.

*EDIT!!!*--Please...someone tell me WHY THE HELL MY ACCOUNT WAS DELETED ON THE OTHER FORUM!? I-it just doesn't EXIST anymore! SO, as you can tell, I am VERY confused!
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Zarius the Fox =^-^= YES!
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