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 Improvement terms

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PostSubject: Improvement terms   Wed Feb 03, 2010 9:58 am

I find this stuff pretty useful, so, I decided to post it here.

Let's get the obvious stuff out of the way:

Stiffness - It's not really the small amount of stiffness that prevents you from going to the gallery, but rather the consistency of it in your animations. It's sometimes ok to see faint signs of stiffness here and there in some of your newer animations (though it's completely unacceptable in DarkDemon to be moved up to Intermediate), but not if it's a standing problem. Work on reducing the stiffness.

Easing - Easing is the depiction of acceleration and deceleration of movements. In other words, when someone says you need easing, you need to make sure that practically all of your movements look like they're speeding up or slowing down, not have a constant speed.

Now, for the less apparent stuff:

Choppiness - There are many people who don't know what this really means, but it's just it LOOKS choppy. One of the things that might contribute to choppiness is spacing of movements. This kind of goes under easing, but even with easing, it might still look choppy. Also, choppiness can include the default or slower frame rate/delay. Another example of choppy animations is like a nooby looking animation (those animations that only moves one or two limbs/guys per frame and has terrible spacing).

Consistency - This is not an aspect of an animation, but rather the aspect of the animator. You need to prove it to us that you're consistent in making good, intermediate level animations. You need to prove that you're not making animations JUST to make it into the higher levels. You need to prove that you're willing to further improve your animations. You need to prove it to us by making your excellent, good animations.

Now this is not really on topic, but it may help you level up by way comments and criticism:

Replying - Some people here, I noticed (I used to be this way, too), only post animations. Nothing else. People tend to reply to your thread if you reply to theirs. It's the Rule of Thumb: treat others the way you like to be treated. So don't reply just because they ask for courtesy. Reply to random animation threads if you want to.

Courtesies - Speaking of courtesies, (for those who don't know) courtesy is a kind of courtesy (go figure) where when a person gives constructive criticism to your animation(s) and asks you to look at theirs by saying "Courtesy?". Now, don't just ask for courtesy or make bad comments then make courtesies. None of this:

Your animations suck!
Courtesy? Smile
None of that. Only give constructive criticism (criticism that helps them improve their future animations).
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Improvement terms
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