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 All of My Animations

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PostSubject: All of My Animations   Fri Jan 22, 2010 5:30 pm

View if you want, comment if you care, :3.


Blood Test

Pivot Practices.

Animation Name- Pivot Practice, Gunnery-ness
GIF- PP, Gunnery-ness
My Thoughts- Well, I said I was going to try and do all the Pivot Practices. Didn't mean I was going to like it. But I went and tried to be, "gunny".

Animation Name- Pivot Practice, Heavy Object
GIF- PP, Heavy Object
My Thoughts- 2nd Pivot Practice, ^^. I was going to make it longer, but I just got lazy near the end. Hopefully that won't happen on the next ones. If fact, I won't let it happen.

Animation Name- Pivot Practice, Power Throw
GIF- PP, Power Throw
My Thoughts- I've decided to try and do some of the Pivot Practices\. Hope you like it, ^^.

Animation Name- Blood Test
GIF- Blood Test
My Thoughts- My newest animation, decided to try and animate blood. I also put some slow-motion in there, for the fun of it...

Animation Name- Bolt Stick Test
Gif- Bolt Stick Test
My Thoughts- Credits to Bolt for the stick. I think I messed up on part of the leg swing near the end too...

Animation Name- New Stick Test
GIF- New Stick Test
My Thoughts- It was a nice animation to make, and to break my block. Credits to Strider for the stick.

Animation Name- Non-stiffness Test
GIF- Non-stiffness Test
My Thoughts- Well, like the title said, I was try to NOT be stiff in this animation. Any advice would be appreciated.

Animation Name- Easing Test
GIF- Easing Test
My Thoughts- I was trying to focus on easing in this animation, and I hope I did well.

Animation Name- Rope Test
GIF- Rope Test
My Thoughts- Yeah...those 20 minutes before I go to wait for my school bus just got too boring that day. The product? This stiff as heck animation. You can rate it if you want, but I'd like to leave it in the past, >.>.

Storylined? Maybe...

Animation Name- The Evader
GIF- The Evader
My Thoughts- Not my best work,and a little lazily made. Once I get better, I may continue it, ^^.

Stykz Animations.

Animation Name- Combo Test
Gif- Combo Test
My Thoughts- Meh, it looked better in Stykz, probably because it's slowed down...

Animation Name- Walk Test
GIF- Walk Test
My Thoughts- Probably one of my best walk test...ever.


Animation name- Jumps and Such
Gif- Jumps and Such
My Thoughts- Credits to Picto for the Stick. And that is what made the animation, I was scanning some of Picto's sticks, saw this one, liked it, and then downloaded it. So I practiced animating with it, ^^.

Animation Name- Land and Sideflip Kick
GIF- Land and Sideflip Kick
My Thoughts- A product of boredom, spare time, and the urge to try and "3D" something, :3.

Animation Name- Combo
GIF- Combo
My Thoughts- I tried to make a combo there, but I can see the need to ease and the stiffness in it. Makes me glad I'm kind of getting better.

Animation Name- Walking Off the Rust
My Thoughts- Title pun? I do not know. One of the first animations I made to try and shake off my rust, ^^.

Thank you for taking the time to watch and comment on my animations.
Hope to be adding more soon.
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PostSubject: Re: All of My Animations   Sat Jan 23, 2010 3:06 am

i think you got a great style, you need to work on some slight stiffness in some places, you mainly got some problems with the legs, thats what you need to work on. Your high beginner/borderz


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All of My Animations
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